How do I know which pad to order?  

There are four (4) basic questions to answer:

1 - What is the diameter? The diameter of the pads matches the diameter of the abrasive disc.The pads on the site are arranged by diameter.  Choose that size from the drop down menu.


2 - How does the pad attach to the tool? Most times, it is with a male threaded shank, or female threaded insert.  The standard sizes are 5/16 x 24 male and 5/8 x 11 female.  We do offer other sizes such as metric and smooth 1/4" shafts.


3 - How does the abrasive attach to the pad? It is either PSA (pressure senisitive adhesive) or hook and loop.  


4 - What type of surface is being sanded, flat or curved? Normally, a thin firm pad is used for flat surfaces and a thick, medium to soft pad is used on curved surfaces.


Also, the more aggressive the grit (meaning the lower the Grit Number) to firmer the pad.  For example, a 60 grit disc would require a firm pad whereas a 220 grit disc would require a medium to soft pad.